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New Industrial Scars Book

I am about to publish my second book, Industrial Scars: Photographs of the Hidden Costs of Consumption with Papadakis Publisher. The book will be a collection of pictures showing the giant machines that produce the consumer goods we take for granted, and abstract-expressionist images of the waste and pollution it leaves behind, the “hidden costs” of the industry.

Check back on this page for news, updates, special events and excerpts of the book!


Real Life Heroes

23/11/2010 1 comment

It’s nice to have heroes, and nicer to meet them and have them live up to your anticipation.

Jim Hansen is just such a man: an honest, skeptical citizen looking for the truth, and willing to keep saying it, in spite of opposition. He recently received the Blue Planet Prize and his message rings no less powerful.

I’m honored to have him as a contributor in The Day After Tomorrow: Images Of Our Earth In Crisis.