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Climate Wars

Last night I had the great pleasure to go to the house of Pam and Eric Pooley for another great slow food event hosted by Katonah Green. I made okra and tomatoes, with a little jalapeno pepper, and it was a good batch. But it paled in comparison to the variety of delectables brought by the other guests. These events are: a gourmand’s delight, and a wonderful meeting of like-minded people concerned for the future of our children.
Pam is a landscape architect of great talent, and it was a pleasure to see the garden (and steal a few hot peppers to replenish my supply).
Eric recently published The Climate Wars, a book about the political battles being waged around this most pressing of issues. This is a must read for anyone that wants to understand how we can sell our children down the river to enrich a few hydrocarbon barons that have managed to mis-brand the issue as one of jobs and national defense. The irony is that national defense and the economy are more at risk from our inaction on this issue than from the remedial actions we could take, that would actually put our country back at the forefront of the global economy.
Eric’s insightful analysis of the characters and situation are a well-written joy.

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